Quiet evening at council meeting

Wednesday's Blackfoot City Council meeting was primarily informational in nature.
Mayor Mike Virtue received final approval for an airport lease agreement with NezGro Aerial Applicators. The company has paid the city $3,600 to use a hangar for one year.
Virtue also pointed out that the city and its fire fighters have realized there is no benefit to renegotiating their contract at this time. So the council approved extension of that pact for one year.
Councilman Chris Jensen noted that discussions with the Grove City Ditch Company regarding responsibility for certain maintenance tasks are ongoing. He noted that many of the company's ditches existed before the city paved its streets. That, he suggested, created city responsibilities in many cases.
City attorney Dan Acevedo was out of town, so his reported on a proposed ordinance allowing chickens in residential areas was put on hold.
The mayor noted that the Parkway District of the Blackfoot Urban Redevelopment Association is scheduled to expire in November. After that, any money left in its coffers will be returned to the taxing districts.
In the meantime, money generated through that district is being spent for refurbishing Cedar Street and to build a new restroom in Jensen Grove.
The mayor noted that the Idaho Association of Cities annual meeting is June 20-22. He pointed out the Pride Days celebration July 5-7 will feature many of the usual attractions plus a ping pong ball drop and free airplane rides. He said the committee is still seeking other ways to keep community members entertained during the event.