Redevelopment agency to expand

Members of the Blackfoot Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA) approved extending their purview on Tuesday. It will now include additional property beyond the Downtown area.
Pursuant to Idaho Code, BURA voted to extend the boundaries of the parts of the city eligible for the funding of projects designed "to prevent and arrest decay."
They also voted to extend the time frame for the existence of the BURA project for 10 more years. It was originally scheduled to expire later this year.
The Blackfoot City Council has the final say and will vote on BURA's actions on March 6.
BURA is a citizen advisory group responsible for revenue allocations to help in financing urban renewal projects within its boundaries. It can expend its funds to assist public and private entities in renewal projects which aren't able to acquire funds through traditional financial methods.
Under Idaho law, BURA assesses taxes within its district and spends them on projects within that same district. BURA can expand the size of that district, but cannot assess taxes on the additional property.
BURA members also approved movement on improvements to Cedar Street. Among those improvements are the change-out of an outdated culvert and resurfacing of the street.
In another action, BURA approved the payment of approximately $20,000 to the city for the hauling of 21 truckloads of sand for Jensen Grove Beach and a new swimming dock at Jensen Grove.
The agency's next public meeting is scheduled at 7 a.m. March 7 in the city council chambers.