Request withdrawn at P&Z

BLACKFOOT — Joe Cannon withdrew his request for a special use permit request to allow a gravel pit/crusher at 80 W. 450 N. near the Rose overpass. He had also requested a zone change from heavy commercial to light manufacturing at the same site.
It brought some people to tears when Cannon withdrew his request.
This zone change request and special use permit was the fourth and last item on the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) agenda Wednesday evening.
P&Z Administrator Allen Jensen introduced the project at 9:20 p.m. Twenty-four letters in opposition to this proposal were submitted to the P&Z commissioners and read into the record.
Two of the opposition letters came from the Aberdeen-Springfield Canal Company and the Lavaside Canal Company.
"The canal companies were concerned about seepage," said Jensen.
When Cannon had opportunity to speak he said, "I am not a divisive factor in this community. "Tomorrow we will still be friends.
"I was not run out of Blackfoot," Cannon said. "I was not run out of Groveland.
"I have not endeavored to take [a neighbor's property] away from her," he said. "I resent the innuendo that I'm 'sticking it' to my neighbor.
"I created a hole on my property," Cannon said. "I raised the elevation of the land. People have a right to do that on their own property.
"I am asking permission to change my hole into a gravel pit," he said.
In the long run, he wanted to build an asphalt plant.
"What direction do we want this area to go in 20, 30, 50 years? Where do you want your concrete to come from?
"When the freeway came, the face of Rose changed," he said. "I worry about the grandkids."
Cannon volunteered to put a crusher in for one month to see if it would be too noisy for the neighbors.
In 1984, Bingham County outlined its comprehensive plan. Parts of the I-15 corridor around Rose is designated industrial/ commercial.
Ninety people had signed in to testify during this hearing. Most of them were there for the Cannon petition.
P&Z commissioners Steve Cederberg and Kelly Hoskins challenged Cannon for bringing in this request.
Cederberg asked, "If you have reservations, why are you applying for this?"
"I want you to consider this," Cannon said. "I want you to do your job."
The audience was surveyed to determine the various positions. No one was going to speak in favor of this request. Heather Goodworth from Rose spoke from a neutral position. At least 50 people were set to speak in opposition to this proposal.
"Plans and intentions change," Goodworth said. "You could propose a zone change to agriculture rather than industrial zoning."
At the conclusion of Goodworth's testimony, Cannon said, "Let's go home. The good sister has converted me."
Cannon formally withdrew his request. Because he withdrew his request, it was not denied by the P&Z commissioners, he can resubmit his request at a later date.
The hearing concluded about 11 p.m.