Ribbon-cutting for new chiropractic business in Shelley

A ribbon-cutting for Elevated Life Family Chiropractic took place at noon on Wednesday in Shelley. From left are Stan Searle, Debbie Searle, Ryker Searle, Mayor Stacy Pascoe, Dr. Randy Searle, Maverick Searle, Kayleigh Searle, Council Member Kim Westergard, Council Member Earl Beattie, Jaxon Searle, Stephanie Huntsman and Mike Huntsman.
Staff Writer

A ribbon-cutting took place at Elevated Life Family Chiropractic in Shelley on Wednesday.
Randy Searle, a recent graduate of Parker University in Dallas, Texas, is the chiropractic doctor.
This chiropractic practice is located at 120 N. Emerson Ave. in Shelley. The business will begin receiving clients on Monday, Feb. 12. Contact Searle by calling (208) 357-1949 or by visiting info@elevatedlifefc.com
“My specialties are pediatrics and pregnancy,” Searle said. “I encourage people to make chiropractic medicine a family affair because it helps people change their perspective by relieving stress.”
“Chiropractic medicine benefits life,” he said. “It helps newborns and beyond.”
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