Ridge Crest fundraiser winners

The top winners of the Idaho Direct fundraiser at Ridge Crest Elementary in Blackfoot were: Maysa Baker, third grade; Dallas Harrington, third grade; Taila Austin, kindergarten; Kasia Johnson, kindergarten; and Ceirslyn Sykes, third grade. Behind them stand secretary Sandi Reynolds and principal Doug Bitter.
Staff Writer

t was a day of celebration at Ridge Crest Elementary School in Blackfoot on Friday as the winners of the Idaho Direct fundraiser were named.
The students, grades kindergarten through fifth grade, sold Idaho Direct coupon books to raise money for their school. The school received half of the proceeds. Ridge Crest Elementary earned $5,012.50.
"It has been a good fundraiser for us," Principal Doug Bitter said. "We will use the money for miscellaneous needs around the school. A chunk of it will be used for our 'Bedroom Makeover.' We hope to finish that project before Thanksgiving."
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