Ridge Crest students celebrate reading

BLACKFOOT — Friday was a celebration for students at Ridge Crest Elementary Friday. The first through fifth grade students were rewarded for reading one million minutes this school year and for finishing strong on their Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT).
The students had a Skype conference with author Debbie Dadey, who wrote "The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids" series, "The Swamp Monster in the Third Grade" and "The Worst name in Third Grade."
Students had submitted questions. Some of these questions were: "Do you have pets?" "How long does it take you to write a book?" (From one to 30 days.) "Does your hand hurt from all the writing?"
Angela Nelson headed up this reading challenge. She also arranged the celebration.
"I'm extremely proud of these kids for reading one million minutes," Nelson said.
The students completed this goal before spring break, said Ridge Crest principal Colin Folsom.
In celebration, the students ate a barbecue lunch and then faced a number of one-minute challenges.
These challenges were Temper Tantrum (the number of steps counted in one minute), A Bit Dicey (stacking dice on the end of a popsicle stick), Baby Blocking (balancing blocks on his/her head) and Face the Cookie (moving a cookie from the person's forehead to his/her mouth without using his/her hands). Other challenges included Noodling Around, Tissue Tease, Spare Me and Bucket Head.
Folsom said, "I'm proud of our students who have worked hard; they have excelled academically.
"I'm proud of all the reading they've done," said Folsom. "I thank all the parents and appreciate the help from On the Spot Cleaning who donated use of its grill."