Roads close in Blackfoot until Friday

The railroad crossing on Highway 91 toward the south end of Blackfoot will be smooth by the end of the week. Workmen with the Union Pacific Railroad are replacing the crossing on Highway 91 between Lincoln St. and Grant St.
Only this section of Highway 91, between Lincoln and Grant Streets will be closed from Tuesday morning (today) to Friday evening.
To avoid construction, people can travel on S. Meridian, Shilling Ave. or any number of cross streets, said Mayor Mike Virtue. The businesses along Highway 91 will remain open.
"We are asking people to be patient," said Virtue. "It will be much better when it's fixed."
The Union Pacific Railroad and the City of Blackfoot agreed this would be the easiest way to complete this crossing, said Bill Ince, Manager Industry & Public Projects Engineering with the Union Pacific.
Closing the road will offer more protection for traffic and for the railroad crew, he said.
"It will be a better project and it will be completed faster," Ince said.
The finished product will be a smoother road project because the railroad crew will be able to address the entire track rather than half of the crossing so traffic can go through the area and then the other half.
When completed, the local contractor, Mickelsen Construction, will put new asphalt on either side of the crossing for about eight to 10 feet.
It will be a solid crossing that will stand up better to truck traffic, said Ince.
The goal is to open the road by the end of Friday.
The timing of replacing the crossing now is because it was after the fair and, hopefully, before harvest.