Romney rallies in Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS - On Thursday afternoon, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney attended a rally at Skyline High School. A flood of Southeast Idaho residents crowded into both of Skyline's gymnasiums to see the presidential hopeful. Despite the close quarters, spirits were high. Amy Sorensen, a member of the Bingham County GOP and an attendee of the rally, was excited that a candidate visited this area. "A lot of the time we are ignored, so it is nice to have a candidate who cares about what we think," said Sorensen.
Before Romney arrived, the Skyline High School band played lively music. The school choir also contributed to the rally by singing the national anthem. State superintendent Tom Luna spoke about Romney's contributions to education in Massachusetts. Following Luna's speech, clamorous cheers and applause filled the gym as Romney took the stage.
Romney discussed his own and his father's previous visits to Idaho. "When my dad was here as a boy, he said he had potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," joked Romney. He then spoke about issues such as the need for leaders with integrity. "I will not embarrass you in the White House," Romney said.
Romney promised to give voters more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. At the end of the rally, he encouraged people to vote. "I don't need a lot, I just need you to go out and vote," said Romney.
Sorensen thought Romney's speech was "motivating, inspiring, and to the point." "He talked about real issues and offered solutions," she added.