Rowland to seek sheriff's post

Craig Rowland, the Bingham County Director of Emergency Management, Parks and Recreation and Abatement District, is running for sheriff.
"I have spent the biggist part of the past eight years on the outside, looking in at the sheriff's office," Rowland said. "I see changes that would benefit not just the sheriff's office but also the county and its cities.
"My campaign is 'Communications and Cooperation,'" Rowland said. "I see the need for communications and cooperation with agencies in the county and with more people who live in the county.
"I love working with the public," Rowland said. "We all have the same opinion: we want the bad guy to go to jail. We need to listen to the public."
He has been in law enforcement 26 years. that included 10 years in the Idaho State Police and eight years as chief deputy under Sheriff Dayle Holm. Holm served as sheriff before Dave Johnson, the current sheriff.
For the past eight years, Rowland has been a patrol officer with the City of Blackfoot.
In the emergency management position, Rowland said he has met "tons of people" and listened to their concerns.
Rowland said he has had plenty of schooling on how to run a disaster and how to handle one.
"It's valuable knowledge to have in the county or in the sheriff's office," he said. One example he cited was working with the public and other agencies at the local, state and federal level during last summer's flood.
Each organization has a different viewpoint and different rules, Rowland said.
"For a two-week period there, I met with the public every day; seven days a week," Rowland said.
"We need to listen to what the public's concerns are and what the county, state and feds can do to help.
As Emergency Management Director, Rowland headed up mosquito abatement and the vaccination of 3,500 people for swine flu.
"That was not a small undertaking," he said.
"I love working with the public," Rowland said."The sheriff needs to be a liaison to keep the community informed. The sheriff should be working with people,"
Rowland and his wife, Lisa, have one son, one daughter and two grandbabies.