Run-off election scheduled for Blackfoot council race

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot will have a run-off election for city council seat number 4 on Tuesday, Dec. 6. City council members in Blackfoot must win by 50 percent plus one vote of the cast ballots to be declared the winner.
For seat 4, Butch Hulse had 388 votes or 49.68 percent of the vote. Clair Broadhead garnered 292 votes or 37.39 percent of the vote. Randy Herbert had 101 votes or 12.93 percent of the vote.
Blackfoot city councilmen Rich Woodfin had 703 votes. City councilman Farrell Cammack earned 663 votes. Each of these men ran unopposed for their council positions.
The permanent ambulance override passed by more than two to one. The override passed had 1,520 yes votes to 643 no. As of press time, Riverview Elementary in Shelley had not yet reported its voting totals. Totals will change in this race.
Aaron Moon was re-elected to the Blackfoot-Snake River Fire District. Moon received 293 votes to the 201 votes gained by David Williams.
The mayoral race in Basalt was close. Incumbent mayor Larry Russell earned 38 votes. Mike Young, a former Basalt mayor and councilman, gained 30 votes.
Council member Pam Croft earned 63 votes. Write-in candidate Garth Campbell earned 24 votes. Two council positions were open. Both Croft and Campbell will serve on the city council.
In Firth, council members Kent Burch earned 35 votes; Barbara Johnson earned 32 votes. Two council positions were open.
Judith Jolley beat Scott Jolley in the Basalt-Goshen-Firth Cemetery District race. Judith Jolley earned 218 votes. Scott Jolley had 139 votes.
The mayor and three council members were unopposed in Aberdeen. Mayor A. Morgan Anderson earned 62 votes. Council members Larry Barrett, Katherine O'Brien and Gary Craig Wampler each garnered 66 votes.
Council members in Atomic City did not face opposition. Donald Sorter gained 13 votes. David Sonnenberg earned 13 votes. Connie Smith garnered 14 votes.
In the city of Shelley, Riverview Elementary had not reported as of press time. Partial voting totals as of press time were:
For council seat two in Shelley, Stacy Pascoe has 241 votes. John Lent has 32.
For council seat three in Shelley, Steven Cederberg has 22 votes. Lorin Croft has 21 votes and Jeffery Kelley has 233 votes.