Saupan selected as Snake River DYW

Malia Saupan was named the 2013-2014 Distinguished Young Woman (DYW) of Snake River Saturday night at the high school. Distinguished Young Women is a scholarship program.
For becoming Miss Distinguished Young Woman of Snake River, Saupan’s scholarship earnings totaled $3,300. She received a $2,100 scholarship for becoming Miss DYW. She also won $300 scholarships for Be Your Best Self, interview (with the judges), fitness and self-expression.
Saupan said what she enjoyed best about DYW is “the friendships I’ve made.”
As First Alternate, Scout Baldwin earned a $1,800 scholarship. She also won $300 scholarships for interview, fitness and self-expression.
Second Alternate Reagan Martin won a scholarship for $1,550 and $300 scholarships for Be Your Best Self, scholastic, fitness and self-expression.
The Spirit Award is given based on votes which the participants cast. This year, Maren Carter won the Spirit of Distinguished Young Women award, with a scholarship worth $350. Carter also won $300 scholarships in interview, talent, fitness and and self-expression.
Kylee Orr won $300 worth of scholarship money in the categories of Be Your Best Self, scholastic and talent.
Madison Hawker won a $300 scholarship for Be Your Best Self.
Darci Polatis won $300 scholarships for scholarship and talent.
Taylor Crumley won a $300 scholarship for interview.
Julie Bell won $300 scholarships for her scholastic achievement and talent.
Completing the list of participants were Caren Mickelson, Hayley Hopkins, Danika Capson, Sierra Evans, Sahara Carman, MaKenzi Halstead and Bianca Zarate.
Scholarship money was provided by local businesses.
If length of time has any bearing on the judges’ decision, the naming of the Distinguished Young Woman was a difficult one this year. All entertainment had been performed; Janalyce Turpin, the retiring DYW, had completed her final walk; the masters of ceremonies had read all their remarks and still there were no judges.
The five judges received a warm welcome when they returned to the auditorium.
As emphasized by emcees Melissa and Suzanne Smith, the Distinguished Young Woman is “a representative from a group of winners.”
“It’s difficult to be on stage doing pushups and remain poised at the same time,” said Smith.
The 16 Snake River juniors worked three months to prepare for this competition. Each young lady was judged on scholarship, interview, talent, fitness and self-expression.
In the self-expression category, each participant received a different question and had about five seconds to construct her answer.
Winning in the self-expression category were Saupan, Martin, Baldwin and Carter.
Saupan was asked, “Tell us about a recently accomplished goal.”
“Doing my best to play my piano piece for DYW,” she said.
Martin was asked, “If you could walk in someone’s shoes, who would that person be?” “Misty Mae-Trainor, the three-time gold Olympian because of her determination and pride to go for her goals,” she answered.
Baldwin was asked, “What is the best lesson you have learned from your mistakes?”
“I have guilty feelings when I make a mistake that keep me from ever making the same mistake twice,” she said.
Carter was asked what she has learned from criticism.
“The thing I take from harsh criticism is to get back on my feet and try even harder,” she said.