Scouting for Food this Saturday

Ethan Siems used "Scouting for Food" as his senior project in 2016. He volunteered his time, help and strength to stack food for the North Bingham County Food Bank. Scouts Cannon Vance (on left) and Devin Maldonado of Troop 194 in Shelley helped haul food into the North Bingham County Food Bank last year.
Staff Writer

Saturday is Scouting for Food across the Grand Teton Council will be collecting canned and dry goods on Saturday, Oct. 28.
"This is the way Boy Scouts are helping out the community," Trina Heiner said. She is the chair of Scouting for Food. "It has opened a few kids eyes when they discover have much food is needed to serve people in need. Every bag helps."
She added, "Cub Scouts will pass out the fliers about Scouting for Food to alert people about Scouting for Food. They will be refilling the food pantry to supply commodities to families in need. This gives the boys a chance to make a difference."
The scouts will begin picking up the canned food or dry goods at 9 a.m. on Saturday. If people prefer, they can also take their food contributions to Ridley's or Kesler's from 9 a.m. to noon on the same day or food can be taken to the Blackfoot Food Pantry at 245 W. Sexton in Blackfoot.
After the food is collected, scouts will load and stack boxes at the Blackfoot Food Pantry.
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