Scouts learn leadership at Klondike Derby

Creativity was the rule of the day as 14 Scout troops from the Wolverine District took part in a Klondike Derby over the weekend despite little snow.
Objectives of the Derby included developing teamwork, learning to work together and building self-confidence, said scout leader Merlin Andersen. It also gets kids out of the house and allows them to sleep outdoors.
Curtis Burtenshaw, the 2012 Klondike chairman, said planning for the Derby begins two or three months beforehand.
“Plans are refined as the time gets closer,” Burtenshaw said. “I went to the Internet to come up with activities.”
Some of these activities included a sled race, sled balance, gold rush, snowball throwing, a compass course, fire-building and flag-raising.
“That sled balance was so much fun,” said scout leader Jerry Hokanson.
The sled balance required a platform placed on top of a log. The goal was to balance the platform so it remained off the ground for 10 seconds.
This event required teamwork because each member of the troop, plus their sled, was atop the platform trying to find that perfect balance point.
This was a timed event. Each troop had three attempts to discover that precise balancing point. Small movements were required.
It took Troop 37 from Shelley 23.65 seconds to find its balance for 10 seconds. More common times were over one minute before the 10second count was completed.
Cooper Kniffen from Troop 36 in Shelley said, “All [the events] were pretty fun.”
He said he liked the gold rush game best.
Reese Poulsen from Troop 34 in Shelley said, “[The Derby] had a lot of activities; it was really fun.”
Reese liked the sled balance best.
Scout Leader McKay Andersen from Troop 34 in Shelley said his favorite part of the Derby “was being out with everybody; I enjoy everybody’s company.”
“These are awesome boys,” said Mike Harvey, district Varsity Scout chair. “We desire to develop skills and train boys to turn them into great men.”
“The little known fact about the Derby is the number of adults who help,” said scout leader Andersen.
Participating in the Derby were 73 scouts; 47 unit leaders and 12 more Scout leaders who came into help with the games on Saturday.