See the growth of Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT — It's amazing what history can be gained by comparing photos.
Two four-foot by five-foot photos compare aerial views of Blackfoot. One photo was taken in 1961 or 1962. The second photo was taken by pilot Nyle Tanner in 2012.
Taking a copy of the 1961 photo with him, Tanner was able to photograph Blackfoot and the area around it from the same angle.
The bridges over the interstate can be identified in 1961 but there is no interstate. The Snake River also flowed on the west side of what would become the interstate.
In 2012, the Snake River is on the east side of the interstate and Jensen Grove is easily identified.
The fairgrounds had more trees 50 years ago than it does now.
Groveland has grown.
The trees are taller all over Blackfoot, plus there are more of them.
The Blackfoot River snaked its way southeast of Blackfoot High School. In the 2012 photo, that river bed has also been moved.
Just for fun, take the challenge to find the courthouse in 1961 and 2012. What about Bingham Memorial Hospital or the new kitchen attached to the Bingham County Courthouse?
The 1961 photo was given to the Baker & Harris law firm by Steve and Marilyn Archibald of Archibald Insurance.
Marilyn worked for Baker & Harris.
"She asked if we wanted it," said attorney Jared Harris. "I said, 'Yes.'
"I think 50 years of Blackfoot history needs to be documented to memorialize it for the future," he said. "If I could call the shots, I hope someone takes a photo [from the same angle] in another 50 years."
The public is welcome to view the photos from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday in the lobby of Baker & Harris, 266 W. Bridge, Blackfoot.