Semi with load of hay tips in Blackfoot

An 18-wheeler semi-truck tipped over Thursday morning. The accident was on Highway 91, just south of the railroad crossings, around the 200 block of SW Main, in Blackfoot. The semi was hauling two flat beds filled with one-ton hay bales.
The front flat bed and the tractor tipped over on their sides. Strapped to the flat bed were 20 hay bales, each weighing one ton.
"It was pretty busted up," said Blackfoot Police Chief Dave Moore.
"We turned the accident over to the Idaho State Police (ISP)," said the chief. "[The Blackfoot police] gave support traffic-wise.
The highway was blocked and traffic was diverted for four hours.
"It took lots of manpower," he said. Five officers worked diverting traffic four hours the highway was cleared.
"We kept thinking it was going to be done quickly," Moore said.
Traffic was diverted from the four-lane Highway 91 down to the two-lane street of Broadway.
"A special forklift was brought in to lift the hay bales off of the highway," said Moore.
No one was injured.