Seniors get tips at awareness fair

On Thursday afternoon, The Willows Assisted Living & Memory Care in Blackfoot hosted its first Senior Awareness Day.
A variety of services were available for exploration. These included hair care for mature hair and information about adult cradle cap, elder care--estate and life care planning for seniors--and denture care.
Information about home health and hospice services, pharmacy services and diabetic foot care was also available.
“What I’m emphasizing here today is crime prevention for senior citizens and how to get rid of unused meds,” said Blackfoot Police Detective Paul Hardwicke.
One of the scams that’s out there is the phony 'grandchild is in trouble scam,”' he said. A person pretending to be a grandson or granddaughter calls to say he/she needs help because the car is broken down or he/she is in jail.
He/she then asks money be wired to him or her, Hardwicke said.
“This is a terrible scam,” he said.
Another scam is a person calls and wants something from you — bank account, credit card information or the person wants money to be deposited.
“If someone wants something from you, hang up the phone,” Hardwicke said. “Do not engage the person in conversation. He/she will try to talk you out of your decision (to hang up).”
“Confirm it before wiring money,” he said. “Call the family member to ask if he/she has just called you. Call the local branch of your bank or call the phone number on the back of the credit card to make sure the institution has contacted you.
“Don’t ever give out any of your personal information unless you know for sure who is asking you for it,” said Hardwicke. “Don’t send money to someone you’re not sure about.  
“Call the police,” he said. “Let us try to find out what’s going on.”
Hardwicke had one more tip for seniors. Be careful who you let into your house. Do not let strangers into your home.
“They will play with your emotions,” Hardwicke said. “For example, they may have a child with them who needs to use the bathroom.
“While the child is using the bathroom, the stranger may be stealing a purse or medication or your checkbook or credit cards.
“Call the police; they can help you.”
There are three places in Blackfoot where unused medicine can be taken. These places are:
·         The Blackfoot Police Station--the receptacle is across from the driver’s license office.
·         Upstairs in the Blackfoot City Hall.  
·         The Blackfoot fire station. It’s open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
 “We would like to thank the local vendors who participated in this Senior Awareness event,” said The Willows marketing director Ryan Salgy. “We had a good turnout.
“We wanted our residents and their families and people in the community to know there is assistance for them,” he said.
“We are definitely doing this again,” said Salgy.