Shelley ballroom dancers shine

Editor's Note: The BYU Ballroom Dance Company returns to Blackfoot at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center (BPAC). This year they bring the world champion showcase, Capture the Magic!, to the BPAC stage. At 2 p.m., a free one-hour ballroom dance workshop, taught by the dancers, is open to all ages. No pre-registration is required.

SHELLEY — Nowadays, ballroom dancing is long past Viennese waltzes. Included in ballroom dancing are lifts, gymnastic moves, like splits and cartwheels, as well as waltz steps.
The Shelley High School advanced ballroom dancing class has all those moves, plus a few more.
"It's a ton of fun; I love it," said captain Eric Searle.
"I do school plays," said captain Emily Gardner. "Dancing helps me in the plays because I learn how to move, plus I get to show-off to my friends."
"Ballroom dancing gets you out of your shell and helps you become more involved," said co-captain Sarah Roy.
"At school dances, I can do more than just stand there," said co-captain Henry Gold. "Girls like guys that can dance."
Over the past four years, the team has performed swing, samba, waltz, cabaret, disco, rumba, jive and paso doble.
The team performs at basketball games and will compete at Madison High School in Rexburg on Feb. 24.
Coach Jana Lake started ballroom dancing while she was a student at Bonneville High School.
"I was also part of the BYU-Idaho ballroom dance team," she said.
This is her sixth year teaching physical education at Shelley High School and her fourth year as coach of the ballroom dance team. There are 10 boys and 11 girls on the team.
"This [class] is my baby," Lake said. "It is very fun."
Lake and her husband, Roscoe, have an almost 5-year-old son, a 2-year-old daughter and are expecting another daughter in May.