Shelley High schedule may change

SHELLEY — The Shelley Joint School District board of trustees met in a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday night to discuss policy changes and programs within the district.
The board passed a resolution to void all sections of their policy that is in conflict with the new education reform laws, primarily pertaining to personnel. There have been 15 policies identified so far that are in conflict.
The board also granted the district permission to subscribe to the Idaho School Boards Association policy manual service at a cost of $300.
To provide additional options to meet budget constraints, Shelley High School Principal Dale Clark presented the idea of moving to a seven-period day from an A-B system.
Clark, who is concerned that the three retiring teachers from his school could result in a loss of two teachers due to attrition, said switching to a seven-period day would make scheduling easier for ninth and tenth graders who get the last pick at classes.
It would also be easier to continue with two fewer teachers. Clark suggested eliminating the careers class and physical education as a requirement.
SHS has five more core required credits than what the state requires including careers, U.S. History 10, computers and additional P.E. courses.
Clark said the decision is the board's, but the students heavily favor the A-B schedule and teachers are split—55 percent want seven periods and 45 percent want to stay on the A-B schedule. Math, English, social studies and P.E. teachers want the seven-period day.
The board members will discuss the possibility of changing to a seven-period schedule at their work session to discuss budget items next Thursday at 6 p.m.
Also at the meeting, the board received a presentation from students in the gifted and talented program and received information about capacity builders, state-assigned individuals who work with the schools in need of improvement.
The board conducted the second reading of the emergency plan policy and the first reading of the middle school graduation requirements.