Shelley man publishes science fiction book

SHELLEY — Shaun Messick had plenty of time to think about 10 years ago.
His daughter Kylee was battling leukemia at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City and he and his wife were traveling there from their Bingham County home on a regular basis.
"This is a story that popped into my head as I drove back and forth from Salt Lake City," said Messick of his book, "Worlds Without End: The Mission."
The science fiction book is the first in a series of four Messick plans to write over the next few years.
"I've always wanted to write a book," said Messick, who is currently an assistant principal at Shelley High School. "This first book wrote itself. I'm outlining the second one now.
"The overall process took me five years to get what I wanted," he said. "Then I started writing the second book, but life got in the way."
As Messick notes in the news release about his book, it "intertwines theology from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints into a thrilling ride that expands across the galaxy."
Messick said he's always been a dreamer. The one-time missionary researched Mormon doctrine and Einstein's wormhole theory and "it just snowballed.
"I've always been interested in space," he said with a chuckle. "And, as for the theology, you write on what you know."
A graduate of Shelley High School, Idaho State University and the University of Phoenix, Messick finds some irony in completing his novel.
"I hated writing when I was in high school," he said. "Every kid does."
Messick's book is self-published. He received positive feedback from a couple of publishing houses which cater to LDS authors, but neither was ready to take a new one on. So, he worked through the Website and formed Forrest Publications. He plans to offer marketing services to other self-publishers in the near future.
Messick's best friend, Sean Carlson, has been an encouraging voice consistently.
"He keeps asking me when I'll have the next book done," Messick said.
Right now Messick is filling in for Dwight Richins, who is serving on active duty in the Army. He is searching for an administrator's position elsewhere in the Shelley School District or in nearby districts.
He taught special education and history for six years, first at Claire E. Gale Junior High in Idaho Falls, then at Hobbs Elementary. He was assistant principal at Hobbs for two years and taught history at Shelley High last year.
"I like working with kids," he said of his full-time career.
He and wife Tanya have been married 14 years. In addition to Kylee, they have Bryant, Alexis and Parker.
"My whole goal is I just enjoy it," he said of writing. "If I make a little money at it, then great."
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