Shelley Orchestra to perform at Disneyland

SHELLEY — Among items presented at the Shelley School Board Thursday night were "Pay for Performance," an orchestra trip scheduled for spring break 2012 and classified personnel receiving the same sick leave as certified personnel.
Superintendent Bryan Jolley discussed “Pay for Performance.”
“I’m going to discuss two points of this plan,” Jolley said.
There is a state side and a school, classroom, side to this proposal, he said.
“I don’t like the fact that money has been moved from teacher pay to fund pay for performance but it’s not the monster it has been made out to be,” Jolley said. “It’s also what we’ve got.”
The state side is based on Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) and Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) scores. The building or classroom side is based on goals determined by the school administration.
“I’ve been speaking with the New Plymouth School District,” Jolley said. “This district implemented pay for performance 10 years ago.”
The recommendation from New Plymouth was to have achievable measures that every person can gain an early success, Jolley said.
Building administrators and lead teachers in each building are just beginning the process to determine goals for their individual buildings.
Trustees approved an orchestra overnight trip to Disneyland for spring break 2012.
Orchestra teacher Ariel Loveland explained about a planned educational trip for ninth through 12th grade orchestra students. It’s proposed the 30-orchestra students will travel by bus to Anaheim to take part in the Anaheim Heritage Music Festival.
The orchestra will perform at a national level, playing before audiences at Disneyland during two days. There would be three adjudicators; all professional musicians. One adjudicator would conduct an on-stage clinic, Loveland said.  
Students could also earn academic performing arts credit, she said.
This would be a four-day trip. The group would leave at midnight on Wednesday, perform on Friday and Saturday and then return to Shelley on Sunday. They would travel by bus provided by Salt Lake Express.
[Shelley High School principal] Dale Clark suggested flying might be cheaper, however, “we must pay for our string instruments to be moved,” Loveland said. “It would cost $50 to $150 to ship instruments.
“Busing is the economically sound option,” she said. “I hope to have a big trip every three years or so.”
Members of the orchestra or their parents would be responsible to pay for the trip.
The trustees liked the opportunity to gain academic credit.
Trustees approved unlimited sick leave for both certified and classified personnel.

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