Shelley P&Z delays decision on meat plant

Shelley Planning & Zoning members tabled their decision until their next regularly scheduled meeting on the request of Golden Valley Natural to rezone a residential area into an agricultural zone with a special use permit.
Golden Valley Natural is a meat processing company that produces organic, all-natural jerky.
Presently, it is located in Idaho Falls, feet away from Candlewood Suites with the greenbelt running right behind its facility.
“We’ve had no complaints of noise, smells or traffic,” said Bryce Esplin, the spokesman for Golden Valley Natural.
The company has two facilities in Idaho Falls and it has outgrown both facilities, Esplin said. Expansion of the company would likely result in additional jobs, he had said in an earlier story about the company's proposal.
Golden Valley Natural would like to move to Shelley because of the availability of water, space and the location. The proposed location is on the east side of the New Sweden Highway, on the south side of Country Club Road and north of the existing canal and north of the North Shelley Business Park. If approved, the plant would be located on approximately 40 acres.
This would not be a slaughter facility, Esplin emphasized. No animal would be slaughtered in the proposed facility.  
“The meat that comes into the plant is frozen and would come in on pallets, in trucks, and be loaded into freezers,” he said.
About 30 people attended the P&Z meeting.
Some of the concerns of the neighbors about the proposed site are:
·         impact on property values,
·         increased traffic and the safety of the intersection,
·         keeping the industrial type business in the designated industrial zone.
·         Would the property be esthetic?
The Shelley city attorney cautioned P&Z members to base their decision on testimony presented during Wednesday evening’s public hearing and on the city ordinances that are now in effect.
This decision will be made April 17. No new testimony will be accepted during the April hearing.