Shelley rancher seeks county commission seat

Matthew Thompson of Shelley is running for Bingham County Commissioner from District 1 as a Republican.
The length of the county commissioner’s term rotates through the three commissioners. In 2012, the commissioner elected from District 1 will serve a two-year term.
“I have been interested in politics at all levels and I think it’s time to get involved,” he said.
Thompson is a longtime resident of Bingham County and District 1, having been raised in the Taylor-Jameston area. He is a graduate of Shelley High School and attended Ricks College in Rexburg where he studied Beef Production and Animal Science.
This self-employed rancher and saddle maker has lived in the Goshen area the past 20 years. In 1910, Thompson’s great-grandfather established the family’s farming and ranching operation outside of Shelley. It has been in continuous operation since that time.
Thompson is the fourth generation to carry on this tradition.
Thompson’s platform is “smaller and more efficient government with an emphasis on local control and respect for private property rights." He is a fiscal conservative.
“I am open-minded and level-headed; I listen to people,” Thompson said.
Since 2007, Thompson has served on the Board of Directors of the Idaho Cattle Association (ICA). He currently serves on the Executive Board as Cow-Calf Council Chairman. He is chairman of the Public Land User committee, a member of the State and Federal Lands committee and a member of the Cattlemen’s Legal Action Fund committee.
Thompson has been actively involved in the legislative process through the ICA and has worked directly with key government officials at both the state and federal levels.
He is the immediate past president of the Bonneville County Cattlemen’s Association which has several members in Bingham County, and has served on its board of directors for the past 10 years.
Thompson is also a range deputy in Bingham County.
He and his wife, Jayme Goddard Thompson, have three sons--Jackson, Mattson and Dawson.
Because of his extensive knowledge of District 1 and its large rural area, Thompson said he believes he has a fresh perspective and good understanding of greater Bingham County.
He said he is proud to live and raise his children in Bingham County and is eager to serve the citizens of this county.The primary election is Tuesday, May 15. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. across the state.