Shelley School Board makes plans

SHELLEY – Last Thursday, Shelley school trustees met in a work session to discuss long range plans and the upcoming school year.
Trustees approved the purchase of 28.65 acres south to Baseline Road and west for $350,000.
“It’s for future use,” said Superintendent Bryan Jolley.
Possible use of the land could be an addition to present facilities or to build a new school or just as an investment.
“The district didn’t own property when we needed to build Riverside,” Jolley said. “It took eight months to secure that property.
“Sometime down the road, I hope a new superintendent or new school board will applaud us for having the foresight to have property.
“The use of the property depends on the growth in the district,” Jolley said.
This property will be paid for by the bond that was passed to build Riverside and to remodel Stuart Elementary.
“Things worked out really nice for us,” Jolley said.
Discussed at the work session were online classes and the effect online classes will have on Average Daily Attendance (ADA).
“It looks like the state will require that students take one on-line class each year during high school,” Jolley said. The high school will not be allowed to count the student in ADA as he/she is taking the online class.
“We just don’t know the specifics yet,” Jolley said.
Clark said students are more successful in online classes with help, when teachers are present.
Virtual classes were also discussed.
“Beginning this year, all juniors must take college entrance exams or exams for further education,” Clark said. “Also, all students must take (not necessarily pass) pre-Algebra before their ninth grade year.”
A seven- or an eight period day for the high school was also discussed. An online survey and/or public meetings were suggested as possible ways to hear students’ and parents’ opinions about this subject.
Shelley presently has an eight-day period. There is an “A” day with four periods and a “B” day with four periods. Going to a seven-period a day schedule would be a change.
“A seven-period day is easier to schedule,” Clark said.
The trustees were assigned to various committees. For a complete list, go to the website at under board Information, then go to board committee assignments.