Shelley teachers to get merit pay

Shelley Superintendent Bryan Jolley announced the school district will receive $208,000 in merit-pay bonuses this year at the trustees' monthly meeting Tuesday. The merit pay will be distributed to the school district today.
"The checks will be cut Dec. 5," said Jolley.
Idaho voters soundly defeated Props 1, 2 and 3. Prop 2 dealt with pay for performance.
Last Tuesday, the Idaho attorney general said the failure [of Prop 2] at the polls should not affect the payout.
In Shelley, all certificated employees who are assigned to a building will receive pay-for-performance bonuses. Certificated employees are teachers and administrators.
Certificated employees were awarded in the quartiles for growth and excellence, Jolley said.
These merit-pay bonuses will be awarded after benefits are taken out and before taxes are withdrawn. Depending in which building the certified employee teaches, the bonuses range from $1,600 to $3,600 per person.
"This is money in our pockets that we didn't have," said Jolley.
The school is awarded pay for performance to encourage cooperation, Jolley said. This is the second year the Shelley School District has used pay for performance for administrators.
"It works well," he said.
Jolley can also receive a pay for performance incentive if he meets certain guidelines set by the board.
Under policies, trustees Loren Lund and Jamey Higham reported on the discussion of the Technology Committee.
"[Social media] can be a moving target forever," Higham said. "As you drill down, it's never ending."
"I think, [we as a board], need to deal with procedures and how to deal with security and safety."
Early graduation was also discussed. Trustees suggested adding a reference to the Shelley High School (SHS) student handbook that student receive as they enter the high school.
"Students used to have a limit of the number of online credits that could be applied to high school graduation," said Jolley. The limit was six.
"That is no longer the case," he said. "Now schools need to accept credits from any accredited agency."
There is more interest in concurrent classes, Jolley said. More students are taking concurrent classes.
The SHS boys soccer and football teams each earned the state 3A academic award.
Austin Stewart won sixth place in the state boys cross country meet.
SHS girls volleyball earned third place at state.
SHS girls soccer earned first place honors at district.
The trustees are attending the Idaho School Board Association convention this week.