Shelley's Richardson claims DYW crown

McKayla Richardson from Shelley was named the 2013 Distinguished Young Women (DYW) of Firth/Shelley Saturday night. First Alternate is Tristan Hillman from Firth; Second Alternate is Lexa Hansen from Shelley.
Completing the field of 11 were Shateal Murphy, Ashley Killpack, McCall Williams, Selena Garcia, Carissa Jolley, Milly Fielding, Michelle Tucker and Tabatha Jolley. This was the first year students from Firth and Shelley high schools participated together. 
In the Self Expression part of this competition, each young lady was asked to share an experience that has helped her become a Distinguished Young Woman.
Helping others distinguished these young women. Helping came in various forms.
One young lady learned from a handicapped student to have a positive attitude; another helped physically challenged students learn how to play softball.
One young lady said she learned the value of love, patience, service and respect while caring for a grandmother; others learned responsibility through leadership positions in drill team or cheerleading. Serving her family or learning you can get through things that are hard with hard work, perseverance and determination helped two other young ladies.
“Being the new kid in school, people accepted me and I learned to accept them for who they are,” another young lady said.
McKayla Richardson, who was named Miss Distinguished Young Woman, said, “There are five women in my house with only one bathroom. You can imagine the chaos. The fact I can leave my house happy each morning makes me a distinguished young woman.”
DYW is a scholarship program.
Scholarship winners are:
Spirit of Distinguished Young Women (voted by girls)--$100 scholarship to Carissa Jolley  
Be Your Best Self--$100 scholarship to Ashley Killpack
Scholastic—$150 to McKayla Richardson; $150 to Ashley Killpack
Interview--$150 to McKayla Richardson; $150 to Lexa Hansen
Talent--$100 to McKayla Richardson; $100 to Tristan Hillman
Fitness--$100 to Tristan Hillman; $100 to McKayla Richardson
Self Expression--$100 to Tristan Hillman; $100 to McKayla Richardson
Second Alternate--$200 to Lexa Hansen
First Alternate--$400 to Tristan Hillman
2013 DYW of Firth/Shelley--$1,000 to McKayla Richardson