Shelley's Whitaker throws a no-hitter

Staff Writer

The Shelley Russets struggled a week ago when they last faced the Firth Cougars. They gave up 12 runs to the 2A rival, just a few miles south of Shelley down Highway 91. They made a number of errors, their pitchers couldn't get the outs they way they had practiced and they squandered a number of scoring chances during the extra inning game. The result was a 13-12 win, but not many Shelley fans and coaches were very happy with the outcome.
On Wednesday afternoon, things were different and a lot of it was due to the performance of senior pitcher/outfielder Payton Whitaker. All Whitaker did was throw a complete game and get a pair of extra base hits during the game.
And by the way, the complete game that the left hander threw was a no-hitter. He did walk a batter and he hit one, but other than that, he controlled the action from the mound for the entire game.
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