Shooting under investigation

BLACKFOOT — Detectives from the Bingham County Sheriff's Office are continuing their investigation into a shooting incident in the Rose area last Wednesday.
Sheriff Dave Johnson said, "we don't know what really happened. It involved a shotgun at the parents' home."
Nineteen-year-old Dakota Oleson received shotgun pellets to his abdomen and left arm after a shotgun went off in a bedroom at the home of Justin and Christie Oleson.
The alleged shooter is a younger brother.
Johnson said he was uncertain of the gauge of the shotgun but noted that most of the pellets hit a bedpost before some hit Dakota Oleson.
The sheriff said Dakota Oleson was initially taken to Bingham Memorial Hospital, then eventually Life-flighted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.
"We were unable to interview the victim until Sunday because of his surgery," Johnson said. He added that the parents gave permission to interview the younger brother, but that won't take place until today.
"We haven't proven it was an accident or not," Johnson emphasized, pointing out that the investigation is not complete. "It's just an unfortunate incident we hope to get to the bottom of and addressed.
"We live in a rural community where everyone has guns in the house," Johnson said. He said most youngsters receive hunter education training and understand how dangerous such weapons are. "I think that's why we don't have more incidents," he said.
Johnson said his detectives will turn over most of the information about the incident to the Bingham County Prosecutor's Office today. The attorneys in that office will make a determination about appropriate action after they have all the facts.