Shoppers ready for Black Friday

BLACKFOOT — With only 32 days left until Christmas is here, people scramble to make their holiday purchases but is Black Friday…err… Thursday ruining shoppers idea about the infamous day of bargain hunting?
Retailers market the after Thanksgiving shopping day as the holiday savings event of the season. This year many retailers that commonly have opened as early as midnight for Black Friday are opening their doors for sales Thanksgiving evening.
"I think it's kinda lame that they have sales on Thanksgiving now," said Lauren Lucio, a local shopper "I like waking up at 4 a.m. Friday morning to hit the sales. I'm never really looking for anything specific; it's really more for the fun of it. We always hit up Starbucks, and when all the shopping is done we do breakfast. I look forward to it almost as much as Thanksgiving."
Others discount Black Friday all together, claiming the madness is not worth a couple of saved dollars.
"I've seen women get in a fight over a pair of roller blades; people get knocked down and trampled; store clerks trying to get out of the way in fear," said Michelle Morgan, "It's not worth it to me."
Black Friday becomes even more baffling when you throw Internet sales into the mix. Retailers offer most of the deals that can be found in the store online before Black Friday. Throw in free shipping which most places offer and it leaves consumers wondering why they should even leave their homes at all.
"This will be my first time in 10 years I won't be going to the Black Friday sales." said Jared Christiansen, "The stores are souring it by starting on Thursday night. Besides just about everything I was planning on picking up on Black Friday I've found online for the same price… besides that, I just don't feel right about contributing to making these workers come in on Thursday night. They should be home with their families and so should I!"
Thanksgiving Day will leave us stuffed to the brim with holiday goodies. Tryptophan will course through our veins from generous helpings of turkey and, as we lay helpless watching football on the living room couch, there will come a time in which we consumers will make a decision to pick up our purses and wallets and head to the store, or head into the kitchen for that fifth piece of pumpkin pie.
"I am staying in my nice warm bed on Black Friday," said Fred Saunders, "and will probably stay there until noon!"