Singers tells students to be kind

THOMAS — Jake Ballentine, a professional singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, spoke to students at Snake River Junior High and High School about believing in themselves and being kind to others.
During the high school assembly, Ballentine played a couple original songs on his guitar about "being O.K. with the things that make you different, and celebrating what makes everyone else different."
Ballentine hosted his own "Snake River Idol" and chose five students to come on stage and sing a song of their choice for 20 seconds, teaching the students about courage and confidence. The contestants' fellow students gave them a standing ovation.
Ballentine encouraged the students to forget about the people who put them down, and listen to the people who lift them up. He challenged the students to become a person who lifts others and to do one good deed everyday to make someone else feel important.
Olivia Hoge and and Aysia Lopez, freshmen at Snake River High School, said their biggest takeaway from the assembly was to "value ourselves as much as we value others and be confident no matter what."
Seniors Curtis Keller and Jake Goodwin said they were definitely going to take Ballentine's challenge and make others feel good about themselves.