Sleeping Beauty comes to Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT — Members of the Blackfoot 11th LDS Ward will present their Second Annual English Pantomime tonight through Saturday at their chapel, 520 North Shilling. The public is welcome. Admission is free although they will seek donations for Haiti Relief during intermission.
The evening performances begin at 7 p.m. Saturday's show will be a 1:30 p.m. matinee.
"The English take a fairy tale and take poetic license," producer Mike Pope said of the performance. "They make it as fun as they can.
"We have fun," Pope continued during last Saturday's dress rehearsal. "We did Cinderella last year.
"We hope the public will come and enjoy themselves," he said. "We're hoping they will give to the Haiti fund. Last year we raised $150."
While that isn't a huge sum, he said, every little bit helps the children in that poor country which suffered a devastating earthquake in January of 2010.
Numerous ward members have parts in the pantomime. Simon is Michael Horrocks with Natasha Luker as the princess, AKA Sleeping Beauty; Ryan Burdess as the prince and Stephen Chadwick as the Lord Chamberlain. Pope plays the king.
In the scene above Gasthag, the villianess, and her apprentice Sinbadly exult in the fact that everyone has fallen asleep after the princess pricked her finger on a spinning wheel.