Snake River bands need your vote

THOMAS — Snake River bands need your vote. The band is competing for a private grant of $25,000 through the Pepsi Refresh Project.
"In five days of voting, the Snake River Band has placed 17 out of 224 entries," band director Randy Brady said.
To receive the $25,000 grant, Snake River needs to finish in the top 15 by the end of the month.
"[The grant money] would do a lot for our program," said Brady.
Brady's idea is to replace old, broken instruments and fill in instrumentation. Filling out instrumentation will make the band sound better and boost interest.
"New instruments would improve the quality of the music education in our program," Brady said.
Voting for educational ideas opened Dec. 1 and will conclude Dec. 30.
Each person can vote once each day on each medium method—via web or texting. That equals two votes each day for Snake River bands.
The online link is . For text voting, the message is 110412 followed by recipient 73774.
"Snake River bands need these instruments so we can continue to grow," said Brady.