Snake River board approves possible D.C. trip

Snake River trustees approved a possible trip to Washington, D. C., for fifth through eighth grade students, ages 11 to 14, during summer 2013.
The subject theme for gifted and talented classes next year is the United States. To solidify this information, gifted and talented teacher Lisa Norman suggested this possible trip to Washington, D. C., for interested students and their parents.
Each family would be responsible to pay for this trip.
Because school facilities will be used to prepare for this trip, permission was needed from the school board.
The travel company chosen for this adventure is WorldStrides, an accredited student travel organization that has nearly 45 years of experience, said Norman.
Since this is not a school sponsored trip, Norman said they would not be attending as representatives or employees of the school. The cost is $1,995 per student.
Norman hopes the group of students and parents totals 30 participants.
The first information meeting to discuss this trip is at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1, at the Snake River Junior High. The registration deadline is June 1, 2012.
For more information, contact Lisa Norman at .
In other business, the bid of All About Services, Inc., was accepted by the trustees for the deep cleaning contract that takes place over the summer. The accepted bid will cost $85,000.
The other company that had submitted a bid was Medalist Cleaning and Restoration that had submitted a bid for $90,000.
Trustees approved the an emergency provisional authorization for second grade teacher Laura Whittier. She will work this summer to acquire her certification.
Trustees approved the use of protective football equipment for the Snake River football camp for varsity, j.v. and freshmen players. Football camp is June 11-14.
Two policies of the district passed first reading. Policy 8540 discusses the unique number given to each student that will tract the student throughout his/her elementary and secondary schooling in the state.
The next policy regards the federal requirement of a birth certificate being presented as each student registers for school.
Mark Gabrylczyk, the next superintendent, attended the Technology Committee last Tuesday.
"It was nice to have him there," said Technology Director Steve Schellenberg. "We were able to exchange ideas with him."