Snake River bullying case investigated

Staff Writer

Authorities have confirmed an investigation is ongoing at Snake River High School, but haven't said much else about an alleged incident injured a student.
The situation involved juveniles and is still under review, so authorities aren’t giving out much information — like what happened and exactly where or when the incident occurred — at this time.
Bingham County Sheriff Craig T. Rowland said his office did investigate and has turned its findings over to the county prosecutor’s office.
Bingham County Prosecutor Cleve B. Colson confirmed that his office is reviewing the incident.
“We are currently going through the review process and working with all of the parties to ensure that the matter is handled properly,” Colson wrote in an email response to the Journal.
The Morning News and other local media outlets have received reports that the incident involved multiple male students beating another male student to the point where the victim had a severe concussion and other injuries. And that security cameras at the high school captured the beating on video.
However, authorities would not confirm or deny any of those details when asked.
Snake River School District Superintendent David Kerns said he cannot comment on the situation that law enforcement officials are investigating. But he did say the district is following policies pertaining to the matter.
The specified policies have to do with both students and employees.
Kerns mentioned student policies 8735 and 8070. The first addresses bullying, harassment and similar behaviors, while the second is a code of conduct discipline policy.
Kerns also mentioned policy 7604, which addresses administrative leave for certificated employees.
Kerns told Local News 8 that an anti-bullying assembly had been scheduled for Thursday for all Snake River students and additional anti-bullying training will be provided this week for the district’s teachers.