Snake River to have 3 board openings for May election

Snake River School Board trustees approved a declaration of candidacy for three school board positions during their meeting at Rockford Elementary on Wednesday.
The positions open are in Zones 1, 4 and 5.
Zone 1 is in the Pingree-Rockford area. Annis Williams was appointed to complete Julie VanOrden’s term. Williams has the option to run for this seat in the May election.
Korden Wray represents Zone 4 in the Riverside area. Wray stated he would not run for reelection.
Steve Reader represents Zone 5 in the Moreland area.
To qualify for a trustee position, the person must live within the boundaries of the zone he/she wishes to represent.
All elections are now conducted by the county, therefore, the application for these positions must be submitted to the Bingham County Clerk by Friday, March 22.
Contact the district office if interesting in serving in one of these positions.
The trustee election is May 21.
Trustees voted to move their March school board meeting to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13.
Trustees approved going ahead with the idea of a Snake River Summer Farm. This idea was presented by Ag teacher J.B. Hoge and FFA President Dexton Lake.
“In the future, farms will use more technology and do a lot of research,” Hoge said. “Farmers will need to feed the world on fewer acres, using more brains.
“It would give them an opportunity to work, have fun and learn in the same process,” he said.
“Students would get a credit for this class,” Lake said. “People will see high school students working and making a difference.”
The proposed site for this summer farm is in front of Rockford Elementary.
The class would last until the harvest is over and the crop has been processed and sold and/or donated.
SRHS science teacher Kay Asmus said this was the most exciting project introduced in a long time. She cautioned that a science teacher needed to be involved in this process if that subject credit was being considered.
Wray said, “This is exciting if students would get involved.”
District officials are asking patrons to approve a $900,000 supplemental levy. This levy would be for two years.
Superintendent Mark Gabrylczyk encouraged patrons to vote for the levy in the March 12 election.
Representatives of Fisher’s Documents Systems made a presentation about maintenance of the school district’s fleet of printers and copiers. This contract would be for five years.
Great discussion followed.
The trustees tabled the discussion and their decision until the March meeting. A work session about this subject will take place before that meeting.
At the start of Wednesday's meeting, Rockford Principal David Kerns and his teachers took the audience through a typical school day for the fourth graders at Rockford.
Kerns pointed out Rockford Elementary has met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two years in a row.
"Of the schools in the Snake River District that received a four-star rating from the State Department of Education, Rockford had the highest scores," said Kerns.
Kerns is new as principal at Rockford this year although this is the ninth year as an administrator and 30th year in public education. He acknowledged the leadership of SRMS Ed Jackson who led Rockford for the past couple years.
In the district, all fourth graders attend Rockford Elementary. The teachers presented a typical day and the aim of their instruction through a typical day.
Fourth grade students Raegan Lee and Emma Powell helped their math teacher, Corri Johnson, demonstrate three different ways of solving multiplication and division problems.
"I send links to YouTube videos so parents can understand the math their children are doing," Johnson said.