Snake River Library offers free technology class

The Snake River School/Community Library is offering a free technology class from 9 a.m. to noon each Monday at the library until school begins.
Throughout the school year, this technology class is offered from 4-7 p.m. each Monday.
Megan Hawley was recently hired to work as a tech assistant at the library.
"I've learned how to set up a computer, from building it to programming it," said Hawley. "I'm amazed I've learned as much as I have in only one and one-half weeks.
Hawley will be a junior at Snake River High School this fall.
"This isn't so much a class as a question and answer time," said Larry Seymour, District Technology Specialist. "People come in with the question, we answer it."
Seymour explained the school district has gone to google docs.
"It's cost-effective; it's furnished free to schools for free and there's a lot of free online stuff," he said.
Some of the "stuff" that is available includes mail, fork processing, spread sheets, documents and presentations. It can create forms and websites.
"All the information is stored 'in the cloud,'" Seymour said.
Technology questions are not limited to computers. Questions about other technology—like cameras— can also be answered.
Say, for example, a person wants to take a photograph on stage as he/she is sitting in a darkened auditorium. What can be be done?
For a 35 mm camera, hit the "display" button, said Seymour. Under display, go to the "metering mode" and then highlight "spot."
The camera will "spotlight" the specific subject, he said.
"For most cameras, the shutter release can be depressed halfway," Seymour said. This feature enables the photographer to get a focused picture of say, a person, and then move the camera so the subject of the shot is photographed on the side of the photo instead of in the middle of the frame. (Remember to take the photo.)
Summer hours at the Snake River School/Community Library are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday. The library is at 922 W. Hwy. 39, Blackfoot.

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