Snake River School Board adopts kindergarten schedule

New kindergarten schedule approved at Snake River

Snake River trustees approved a new schedule for kindergarten beginning in the 2012-2012 school year.
There will be four half days of instruction. There will be no mid-day kindergarten busings. It is the parents' responsibility to provide the transportation for the middle of the day.
Changing kindergarten to half days will add 40 minutes of instruction each week, said Moreland teacher Lisa Warren. That change will make a big impact on student achievement and will not cost the district one penny, she said.
Four half days will provide more consistency for teaching, Warren said.
The time of morning kindergarten is scheduled from 8:25 to 11:35 a.m. Afternoon kindergarten is from 12:20 to 3:35 p.m.
Two lessons will be taught during each session.
"I feel an obligation to offer full-day school for those people who cannot transport their student at noon," said Superintendent Russell Hammond.
For those students who qualify, there is kindergarten plus, one teacher suggested. The morning lessons would be reviewed during the afternoon.
The trustees will interview three superintendent candidates next Wednesday, March 28.
The three superintendent candidates are Daniel Arriola, L.T. Erickson and Mark Gabrylczyk. Erickson and Gabylczyk are local while Arriola is from out of the area.
Each candidate will meet with the trustees for one and one-half hours in executive session.
That day each candidate will meet separately with the administrators, staff and community members in a question and answer format.
After the question and answer sessions, trustees will again meet in executive session.
Trustees may or may not make a decision Wednesday night.