Snake River School Board approves contracts

THOMAS — The Snake River School Board of Trustees approved all one-year contracts for teachers and extracurricular and special assignment contracts for the 2011-2012 school year at their meeting Wednesday night.
All certified employees within the district not eligible for a continuing contract were placed on a one-year contract, set to expire in June 2012. Superintendent Russell Hammond said they chose not to offer two-year contracts in hopes that salaries may be increased next year with a new contract.
The district also approved all planned and potential out-of-state trips for the current school year for the various organizations at the schools. For many of the trips students must first qualify and it is the student's responsibility to pay the costs associated with the trip.
The trustees approved the second reading of policies regarding immunization requirements, bids and quotations and public works contracts and licensing. They also approved the second reading of the elimination of the master teachers policy.
Hammond said there will likely be more policy changes as the school district works to update policies to conform to new state laws.
"We're in the process of reviewing a lot of our policies," he said.
One of those policies, 6119, regarding alternate routes to graduation, was approved after a first reading Wednesday. The revised policy includes a rubric of tasks students must meet in order to graduate if taking the alternate route to graduation.
At the start of the meeting new trustee Bill Martin was sworn into office. Martin was appointed to fill the Zone 3 trustee position at the August board meeting.