Snake River softball in with a good chance

Staff Writer

The Snake River Panthers have had a pretty good year. They finished the season at 11-7, and had a number of games that were postponed or flat out cancelled due to weather. The interesting thing about the Panthers, is that according to, six of the Panthers losses have all come at the hands of Marsh Valley and South Fremont, who are in the tournament and the other was to Sugar-Salem, the team they beat to make the tournament themselves. The Panthers are a gritty team that has shored up some of their defensive deficiencies and improved their hitting at just the right time of the year. Their play in game showed how far they have come as a team as they bounced out of the dugout and opened up a 9-0 lead over arch rival Sugar-Salem and cruised to a 10-5 win over the Diggers. They will need to do the same in the tournament. They begin with the hottest team in the state in Homedale, who has a 21-2 record and have won 15 in a row. Tough match-up for the Panthers, but they will need the same kind of energy and grit that they showed in the play in game and they will be just fine.
Outside of Homedale, there isn't anyone who really stands out as a real threat to win it all.
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