Special exhibit features Grandma's kitchen

BLACKFOOT – The antique department at the Eastern Idaho State Fair invites everyone to view the impressive array of Depression era shakers and canisters in an exhibit honoring the kitchen of the Depression era.
The display features hundreds of items from John Warren's personal collection.
Warren, the exhibit coordinator, has been collecting items for years and says he is happy to have a venue where they can be viewed and shared with others.
"The kitchen was a much more integral part of the home during the Depression era," said Warren. "Much more time was spent there in food preparation and homemaking activities. The items displayed here were designed to make it a brighter and more inviting place to be."
Warren's collection began with a few items from his grandmothers kitchen that he received when she passed away and has grown into what antique superintendent Leo Wallace calls "one of the most complete and amazing exhibits he has ever seen.
"You could go to a national glass show and you wouldn't see anything that would surpass what we have displayed here (at the EISF) this year," said Wallace.
The exhibit titled "Grandma's Secret Ingredient" features items ranging from Hoosier jars from the 1900's to shakers made in the late 1940's.
"These were the items in which our grandmothers and great-grandmothers would have stored those ingredients that were use to create their great homemade dinners and desserts," said Warren. "Grandma had one specific ingredient that she added to everything she made — everyone is invited to stop by and see what it was."
Warren adds that obviously "the secret ingredient in Grandma's kitchen was love."
The Antiques Building is just west of the main fair entrance and is open from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. every day.