Spudnik donates large check to Bingham Crisis Center

Spudnik and its employees gave the Bingham Crisis Center $6,962 on Friday. Spudnik employees also gave 2,635 pounds of food to the Crisis Center. There was enough food donated to fill the beds of two pickup trucks.
Included in the foodstuffs were flour, baby formula and canned goods.
"Wow! I'm overwhelmed," said Dixie Chapman, Bingham Crisis Center director. "Those funds will help so many people.
"It's nice to have funds that's a grant tied to a specific project," she said. "We will be able to use the funds for emergencies, like helping one of our clients whose teeth need to be pulled.
"This means a lot to clients and the Crisis Center," said Chapman.
"This community has such a giving heart," she said. "If I was on the streets and down in the dumps, the place I would want to be is in Blackfoot."
"We like to donate locally and support the community," said Kyler Jacobs, one of the members of the Spudnik 2012 Christmas Party Planning Committee. "We are a family-owned and family- supporting company."
"Each person who contributed knew he/she was donating to a good cause," said Denise Holland, Human Resources (HR) manager. "Our employees really get into this."
At Spudnik, the Christmas Party Planning Committee starts in July to make plans. Raffle tickets go on sale around Thanksgiving.
This year, some of the raffle items included trips to Disney World or Alaska, a big screen TV, iPADS, iPODS and five -days paid time-off.
Tickets cost $1 each. Employees can purchase as many tickets as they want. Employees select which prize they would like to receive. At the Christmas party, the person whose name is drawn wins the prize.
Spudnik purchases the prizes for the Christmas raffle and then the company matches the amount of money raised by the employees, said committee member Chris Poole.
"To raise funds, we had an inter-department competition," said Poole. The department rivalry was among nine departments—fabrication, welding, service and repair, shipping, research and development (R&D), paint, assembly, engineering as well as sales and the office.
"Each of these departments has approximately the same number of people," said Poole.