Spudnik gives to Bingham Crisis Center

BLACKFOOT — Spudnik and its employees gave the Bingham Crisis Center a check for $9,342 on Friday.
The employees raised $4,671; that sum was matched by Spudnik.
Spudnik employees also donated 6,204 pounds of food. It took three pickup trucks to move the food.
"We had a huge competition for the food donations," said planning committee member Kyler Jacobs. "We enjoy helping [organizations] that give to people who need it.
"We, as a company, like supporting those who live around us," said Jacobs.
When presented the check, Bingham Crisis Center Director Dixie Chapman said, "We can build a new building.
"I know right where some of these funds will be used," she said. "There is a lady who is trying to save her house; one company has donated its services to get the mold out of her house.
"A portion of these funds will go to her," said Chapman.
Last year, Spudnik also gave the Bingham Crisis Center a Christmas check.
"Last year, we used some of the funds to pay for medicines," said Chapman. "We also used funds to help two families move safely back to their families in other states and we paid for a water heater.
"Not only have the funds helped local people, Spudnik's financial support helped us get more grant money," she said.
"We apply for two federal grants and one state in one grant application," Chapman said. "This year, we [the Bingham Crisis Center] received $5,000 more than other agencies.
In reading the comments for the grant, it specifically stated how Spudnik rallies around the Crisis Center was awesome, said Chapman.