SR board member resigns

About 30 people attended the December school board meeting at the Snake River Junior High School Wednesday.
Trustee Julie Van Orden resigned from the Snake River School Board, effective Jan. 1, 2013. She has served the school district 10 years. She represents Zone 1, the Pingree West Rockford Zone.
"We are one of the most respected boards in the state," Van Orden said.
Last November, Van Orden was elected to the Idaho Legislature. She will represent Bingham County.
SR school board chair Korben Wray said selection of a trustee from Zone 1 will be made in January 2013. The appointee has the choice to run for the position in May 2013.
Throughout this school year, the SR trustees are meeting in a different school in the district. The Snake River Junior High (SRJH) was the location this time.
SRJH principal Roger Thomas said the administration and teachers of the junior high have been working together to improve school success. They are working toward that goal by developing consistency through intended curriculum, delivered curriculum and tested curriculum.
The whole school—students and staff—are working on the four R's, he said. The four R's are respect, responsibility, readiness and relationships.
The whole of the meeting was forward looking.
The board voted to list the Pingree property with a realtor.
Policy number 3115 will now read administrators' contract has been changed from 210 days to 173 days.
The Response to Intervention (RIT) program is framework for continuous improvement, said teacher Arynne Hoge.
School Psychologist Rose Larson outlined her responsibilities to students in the school district—pre-school through 12th grade.
Librarian Sherrilynn Bair introduced Pathways to Scholarships to the board members.
"This program starts in the seventh grade," she said. "The program helps students complete applications correctly.
"It also acts as a platform to store the student's information so the information is available when needed," Bair said.
The Snake River School District has exclusive rights to the online section, she said.
Trustees approved funding this project.
Bair also reported on the ACT Prep class offered at the library. Thirteen students attended the class the first session. Session two saw an increase to 46 students. Session three begins Jan. 7. It is from 7-8 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and ends four weeks later on the Friday before the Saturday test.
Will Northrup is compiling information garnered from the Stategic Planning Committee. A survey containing four umbrella questions is being prepared for patrons.
These questions are
° What is the ideal structure for the Snake River School District?
° How does the Snake River School District engage the broader community?
° How does the school district create a culture that champion's accountability?
° What will be the impact of a levy? What will change?