SR school district audit in great shape

THOMAS — The Snake River School District received a grade of A plus in its audit report Wednesday night.
Auditor Tim Folke with Folke CPA in Payette presented the audit report to the trustees.
"When doing a school audit, auditors look at two sets of figures," Folke said. Under compliance, an auditor looks to see all covenants are met and the school has maintained its testing. Folke normally looks for the school district's compliance in June.
The only difficulty Folke noted with the actual numbers of the audit was the fact all the cash was not insured. Of the $1.7 million in the audit; one-half million was not insured.
"Receivables are insured; real property is insured; buses are insured," Folke said. "It's good to have cash insured."
The trustees voted to close the Zion Bank account and move the money to the state investment pool.
Business manager Chris Nelson said there was just too much money in the Zion's account.
As required by the state, all checks written and the payroll will be on line by the end of December, Superintendent Russell Hammond said.
The trustees approved an alternate route to graduation for those students who have not passed the Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT).
This year, the Snake River School District is using the state's recommendation for pay for performance, however, "the state has not told us what those recommendations are," said Supt. Russell Hammond.
The school district will establish its own goals for pay for performance starting in the next school year. The trustees will be involved in this process, Hammond said.
Plans for facility improvement include an improved sound and projector system in the auditorium and in the cafeteria.
"We also need to increase the capacity of the phone system," Hammond said. "That will just about finish off the bond money."
Members of the Snake River Community/School Library board are looking into add a story time to meet needs of pre-school Hispanic kids.
Family Reading Night is from 6—7 p.m. on Monday.