SR trustees wind up school year

THOMAS — Because the date of the Snake River budget hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8, the date of the annual meeting needed to be rescheduled.
As required by Idaho State Law, the annual meeting needs to be scheduled within 28 days of the budget hearing. So, the date of the annual meeting has been set for Wednesday, July 6.
Wally Aldous was elected to represent Zone 2 as the school board trustee.
The district's retirement reception is from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Snake River High School cafeteria. Eleven individuals will be honored.
According to the 2010 census, the trustee zones of the Snake River school district are within the 10 percent variance allowed, therefore, the school district is considered compliant within the law. Trustees had hired the Quadrant Consulting Firm to examine the school zones.
Superintendent Russell Hammond said since the school district is compliant, the same school zones will be submitted to the State Department of Education.
The largest deviation is an 8.8 percent variance between Zone 2, with 1,679 people, and Zone 1, with 1,531 people.
Zone 3 has a 6.3 percent variance. Zone 4 has a 6.7 percent variance and Zone 5 has a 7.7 percent variance.
"The district has grown by 350 people," Hammond said.
The trustees heard the second readings on the following policies:
° 2470—board member vacancy
° 7144p—payroll
° 7380—working hours
° 7480—staff protection. The school district will reimburse personnel's property a maximum of $500 or the amount of insurance deductible, whichever is lowest.
Policy 8110—attendance. Students will be allowed five absences instead of six because of the four-day school week and seven absences in a trimester rather than the nine allowed in a semester.
Julie Wada, president of the PTA at Moreland Elementary, requested school board members consider doing some finishing work at the school—in the front of the building and especially on the playground.
Wada asked that playground equipment designed for students with disabilities be restored to the Moreland Elementary playground. The playground equipment was removed for construction on the school. The equipment is in storage.
Hammond said the next facility improvement meeting is at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1, at the district office. The Moreland playground will be on the agenda, he said.
This past school year, the Snake River school district qualified for a number of federal programs.
"This has gotten more and more complicated," Hammond said. "L.T. [Federal Program Director L.T. Erickson] had a steep learning curve this year."
These programs included
° Title I-A for schools with high poverty student populations.
° Title III—Limited English Proficient.
° Title I-C—Migrant Education.
° Title X—Homeless Education.
Fifteen people from the wtate reviewed these federal programs to make sure the moneys from these programs were used appropriately and the paperwork was done, said Erickson.
"For every dollar these programs give the school district, there is one page of paperwork that needs to be submitted," he said. "There were lots of compliments."
The district will focus on needed points of improvement, Erickson said.