Stalker parents make a stand

BLACKFOOT — Parents whose students attend Stalker Elementary rallied Wednesday to protest a newly hired teacher.
The parents' group questioned if the person who was hired as a teacher had the necessary educational qualifications to be hired in that position.
Under Blackfoot School Board Policy number 215, Functions of the Board, "The board shall ... determine the personnel policies of the school system."
The PTA wanted a teacher with educational qualifications in this position, said Stalker PTA past president Rachel Saline. Saline was the Stalker PTA president during the 2011-2012 school year.
"As a concerned parent group, we acted," Saline said.
Parents started a calling tree Tuesday evening to inform Stalker parents of the situation.
On Wednesday morning, parents started calling the district office.
After an afternoon meeting with Blackfoot School District Superintendent Dr. Scott Crane, the new employee had voluntarily stepped down.
"Dr. Crane really stepped up for us today," Saline said. "We appreciate his efforts."
"I can't say enough for the parents," Saline said. "The message we sent is, 'parents pay attention.'"
"This was a concerned parent thing," she said. "Parents said to me, 'we're so glad you're going to fight.'"
"We did not want the standard of teaching to drop to a lower level," said Saline. The teacher that had been hired has not completed student teaching and is not yet certified, however had permission from the State to teach.