State Hospital South to demolish abandoned buildings

BLACKFOOT — This year marks the 125th anniversary of the opening of State Hospital South in Blackfoot, but two hospital buildings built 79 years ago will be demolished this summer.
Buildings F and G, former patient wards located on the north side of the State Hospital campus, were constructed in 1932 and officially opened in 1933. The two-story buildings were occupied as separate men's and women's wards until 1988 when the treatment methods used there became obsolete, said Support Services Director Greg Horton. The wards were replaced by the Patient Treatment Facility used today.
Despite being unoccupied for 20 years, funds were just recently allocated from the State of Idaho to demolish the buildings. Horton said the buildings have been deteriorating and have started to crumble.
Interior demolition begins today, with the walls scheduled to come down within the next few weeks. A trackhoe will be used to pull down the walls.
The hospital will be recycling as much of the material from the buildings as possible.
Horton said it will probably be early September when the site where the buildings sit side-by-side will be restored. There are currently no plans to build any new buildings.