Stephenson's ride highlight's day five

POCATELLO — Eight seconds.
That is the amount of time every bull rider wants to hold for while trying to earn a qualified ride.
For Blackfoot's River Stephenson Friday's third go was the last time to earn a qualified ride and hopefully find a way into to today's finals of the Idaho State High School Finals Rodeo at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello.

Before Stephenson took to the back of his bull he watched most of the field last a mere seconds into their eight seconds before the bulls rudely tossed the riders into the air.
District One's Rugar Piva recorded the sessions high score when he held on for a wild ride that earned him 72 points.
Dalton Petersen, like Piva appeared to be bucked off just prior to the eight second buzzer going off. Both Petersen and Piva hands were deemed to be still in contact with the bull and the judges gave each a score.
Petersen took the a hard hit from the bull after he fell off his ride. The bull stepped on the rider, stunning him before Peterson was able to get up and limp away.
Petersen earned 53 points for his efforts.
In the first two go rounds the high score was set by Garrett Smith of District Seven with an 81. And with just one performance left before today's finals, Stephenson knew if he wanted to win the third go the time to make a ride was now.
Stephenson's bull was a little wild in the chute actually trying to hop its way out and forcing the rider off.
When the chute door finally opened Stephenson was tossed left, before being swung back right. The bull wanted Stephenson off in the worst way, but the cowboy who not oblige. Stephenson rode his bull to a rodeo high 82.
Firth's Rylie Clemens started the day for District Four with a 61 point ride in bareback riding. Austin Williams from District Two recorded the session's high score with a 72.
A couple of their competitors rides were not so smooth.
Both Kade Brown and Cache Hill from District Seven had their horses fall onto their sides during the runs.
Brown recorded no score and Hill earned a re-ride, but the re-ride earned no score.
Shelley's Chad Funk failed to record a score in saddle bronc riding Friday, District six's Mason Lamb recorded the only score of the session with a 58.
Malad High School's Regan Timothy started the District Four effort in goat tying with a respectable 11.94. Two riders later District One's Shontel Olson ran a 11.02.
That score was the fastest until the last rider of the day, District Two's Quincy Pendergrass who tied her goat in 9.04.
Blackfoot's Kursten McNeely had the fourth quickest time with an 11.97.
Clemens recorded the third quickest time in steer wrestling with a 14.41, District Two's Kade Eiguren set the mark with a 4.55.
Timmi Hutchings continued her solid rodeo when she laid down a time of 4.41 in breakaway roping. Unfortunately Bailey Smith from District Six ran a 3.54.
District Five's Kortney McReynolds set the fast time in Barrel Racing with a 16.746. Aberdeen's Lexie Lehman finished the go with a time of 17.298.
The state champions will be crowned today as the rodeo closes out it week. The rodeo begins at 10 a.m. at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello.

Day four's top results
Pole Bending
Shel Povey — District 8 21.326
Cheyenne Logan — District 2 21.638
Kristen Olsen — District 4 21.950

Saddle Bronc
Mason Lamb — District 6 58

Goat tying
Quincy Pendergrass — District 2 9.04
Shontel Olson — District 1 11.02
Regan Timothy — District 4 11.94

Steer Wrestling
Kade Eiguren — District 2 4.55
Tanner Hall — District 5 13.03
Rylie Clemens — Firth 14.41

Breakaway Roping
Bailey Smith — District 6 3.54
Ashlie Maupin — District 7 3.60
Bailey Bachman — District 2 3.86

Team Roping
Pake-os Palmer and Cole Lickley — District 5 6.24
Cheyenne and Cole Sherwood — District 8 7.81
Bryer Jones and Brody Smith — District 6 9.13

Tie Down Roping
Jake Worthen — District 7 11.19
Tegan Alger — District 6 11.90
Bo Pickett — District 2 15.23

Barrel Racing
Kortney McReynolds — District 5 16.746
Ria Kent — District 2 17.033
Carey Dines — District 2 17.114

Bull Riding
River Stephenson — Blackfoot 82
Rugar Piva — District 1 72
Dalton Petersen — District 6 53

Bareback Riding
Austin Williams — District 2 72
Rylie Clemens — Firth 61

Night Four's late results
Bull Riding
Tristan Hansen — District 7 77
Derek Wadsworth — District 6 73
Wylie Casperson — District 8 70
Layton Wasia — Firth 70

Barrel Racing
Regan Timothy — District 4 16.520
Danyelle Williams — District 2 16.674
Darcey Maddock — District 8 16.892

Tie Down Roping
Kade Eiguern — District 2 11.97
Jake Nelson — District 6 13.11
Pake-os Palmer — District 5 14.55

Team Roping
Staheli Wilkinson and Tom Nelson — District 2 6.48
Nick Eiguren and Jeff Flenniken — District 2 7.60
Derek Wadsworth and Joe Tewes — District 6 8.43