Stoddard celebrates Constitution Day

BLACKFOOT — Students at Stoddard Elementary School celebrated Constitution Day with a program on Friday.
"This is why I love education," said Principal Ryan Wilson. "It is programs like this that bring people together and we recognize and remember that we are all one nation, we are all Americans."
The program was organized by Idaho Reads! Vista representative Annie Tanner. It started with Mayor Mike Virtue explaining the Constitution. He encouraged students to read and study the Constitution, to be involved in the community, and to treat their friends and classmates as they would like to be treated.
"Education is power," Virtue told the young audience. "You should all learn and know the Constitution. It will protect your rights."
Tanner says the assembly was more meaningful with recently returned soldiers in attendance with their children.
"I love what the mayor said," said Tanner. "I love that these kids got to feel how special this is. I think this helped the kids understand how lucky we are to have a Constitution and what we are fighting for."
Wilson added that it is "exciting to see the future generation appreciate our military and feel real patriotism."