Students to compete at MATHCOUNTS

These students from the Idaho Science and Technology Charter School will compete in MathCounts on Saturday. From left are math teacher Matt Nelson, Kenny Wheeler, Tim Beck, Christopher Baxter, McKadie Stott, Shea Elordi and Ansley Perry.
Staff Writer

Middle School Mathletes will compete in the MATHCOUNTS Competition on Saturday, Feb. 10, in the ballroom of the Student Union on the Idaho State University campus. The competition is organized by the Southeast Chapter of the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers.
"I really like this competition because I don't have to show my work," Tim Beck, a sixth grader at the Idaho Science and Technology Charter School (ISTCS).
Eighth grader Ansley Perry said, "I'm the only veteran. The competition is hard math; it's late high school math. It's nice to go to see other people be smart."
The six-member ISTCS team are composed of four sixth graders, one seventh grader and one eighth grader.