Students embrace giving

Tuesday was delivery day at Snake River High School.
Eight families and 16 individuals in the Snake River School District received gifts, food and toiletries from money and food collected from students and faculty at SRHS.
Members of the student executive council and Jodi Togiai's leadership class headed up this annual Charity Week.
The families received ham, potatoes, canned goods, toiletry items and presents for the children.
"People are so grateful," said Togiai. "Families have told us they wouldn't have had Christmas without our help."
The food bank and the Bingham Crisis Center each received a pickup filled with food.
In two weeks, Snake River students brought in 3,218 cans of food and contributed $4,680.
The annual Charity Week featured various activities. Some of these activities included a food auction, pie-eating contest and 3-point shooting contest. Candy canes with a message could be purchased for $1 apiece. Caramel apples were sold. A raffle and auction of donated items also took place.
For the canned food drive, it was a contest between the classes of Carolyn Anderson and Shauna Matthews versus the rest of the school. Last year, students in these classes won this contest.
Students in Anderson's and Matthews' classes bested the school this year as well. The competition was close, however, with the school just short of these two classrooms by 300 canned goods.
The 14 students in Matthews' class brought in 1,054 cans of food. Students in Anderson's class brought in 679 cans. The whole school brought in 3,218 cans of food.
"We really helped to fill up the food banks," said teacher Jodi Togiai.
The school also had "Penny Wars," with classes competing against each other. The objective of this contest is to bring in as many pennies as possible.
If silver coins are contributed, the class earns negative points. Seniors won this year's penny wars, followed by the freshmen, juniors and sophomores.
The executive council and leadership class also made and gave away 15 blankets.
"This year we wore t-shirts for two weeks that declared, 'Nothing's better than giving,'" said Togiai. "I've had students come back who have told me this was their favorite activity."